Interested in joining the Murillo lab? 

The Murillo lab seeks a PhD student in the field of veterinary entomology at the University of California Riverside starting in Fall 2021. Research in our lab aims to better understand how arthropod pests (especially ectoparasites) affect poultry and livestock behavior, welfare, and production. We also seek better pest management tactics. Potential projects will likely incorporate both field and laboratory research

Prior research experience in entomology (e.g. M.S. in entomology or related field) is preferred. If interested, please send a cv/resume, a list of references, and a brief (1 page or less) statement of research experience, career goals, and why you want to join the lab to Dr. Murillo <>.

Prospective graduate students can learn more about a graduate degree in entomology @ UCR here.

Undergraduate students @ UCR interested in part-time employment or research opportunities, please contact Dr. Murillo.

Postdocs interested in potential research opportunities, please contact Dr. Murillo.

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