Poultry Farm Survey

The purpose of this project is to determine the diversity and prevalence of ectoparasites (mites and insects) in commercial egg-layer facilities in the United States. This research is being conducted by scientists from the University of California Riverside and North Carolina State University.  

We will send you a collection kit with traps to place on your facility – no one will need to visit your property. 

What's in the box?

  1. Each kit contains 40 cardboard traps with instructions for where they should be placed, how long they should be in the barn, and how they should be collected and returned.
  2. An additional ziploc bag is provided for the collection of feather material to be returned with traps.
  3. A brief survey that will provide the researchers with some information about the type of farm the samples are from. All responses remain confidential.
  4. A pre-paid return label - just reuse the box the kit arrived in to return the samples.
 If you are interested in participating, you can Sign up Here

For more information contact Dr. Amy Murillo:

amy.murillo@ucr.edu, 951-827-5853


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