California Sheep Survey

While ectoparasites have historically afflicted domestic sheep, currently, little is known about what ectoparasites afflict sheep in California. The purpose of this project is to determine the diversity of ectoparasites in California sheep. Ectoparasites are pests that live in the wool and on the skin of sheep and include mites, lice, ticks, and sheep keds.

Ectoparasite treatment costs and production losses due to reduced feed efficiency, weight gain, fertility, wool production, and wool quality cost US sheep producers millions of dollars every year.

On farm surveys will be used to identify the significant ectoparasite pests found on CA sheep, which will inform future control efforts for producers, veterinarians, and extension personnel.

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Project Contacts:
Dr. Rosie Busch
UC Davis, Sheep and Goat Extension Veterinarian
(530) 574-8208

Dr. Amy Murillo
UC Riverside, Assistant Professor of Entomology
(951) 827-5853




Header image by Arthur Mazi via Unsplash
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